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Smile Repair with Kenilworth Prosthodontics

Bring out your inner confidence by achieving the fullest potential of your smile! You don’t have to settle with faulty teeth. With peak-quality Kenilworth, IL prosthodontics from Smart Dental, you’ll have beautiful, amazing teeth that function well in no time!

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If you have problems with how your teeth work or look, prosthodontics might be the solution for you. Our team of experts can help perfect any dental deformity you may have, from small problems like a mildly cracked tooth to misaligned genetic teeth.

Dental medicine has several branches, and one of them is concerned with restoring and improving teeth and mouth cosmetics to their most optimum form and look as well as more complex dental problems.

Many people acquire certain dental issues like teeth with gaps or crowns with cracks. To some, they may not be too intrusive to daily life or may not look too unpleasant, so there’s no need to treat them. But to others, having imperfect teeth situations may have a big negative impact on their daily activities and confidence.

Prosthodontic practice requires about three extra years of study on top of dentistry school. You can trust that the prosthodontists we have at Smart Dental are highly skilled and with tons of experience in what they do. No matter what situation your teeth are in, whether you want to apply porcelain veneers to whiten your teeth or you need to replace certain teeth of yours with dental implants, our experts can do the job efficiently and professionally.

For each prosthesis that we work on, we only use the best of the best that the industry has to offer. From the dentures that we offer to each dental implant that we install, rest assured that our samples are up to industry standards. You can depend on us to get the top-quality Kenilworth prosthodontics that you need to get the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Call us as soon as you can so we can talk about your needs and start working on beautifying and restoring your teeth as soon as possible!

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Elite Prosthodontic Services

At Smart Dental, we are confident to say that we can conduct high-quality Kenilworth prosthodontics for the more complicated cases that we handle. The mouth, teeth, and gums are fragile and very important body parts. A general dentist is not supposed to be able to handle all the problems that involve the mouth. There are more complex problems that only specialists called prosthodontists can treat. Here are some of them:

Smile Makeovers

Smile Repair with Kenilworth Prosthodontics smile makeover 300x200Issues with smiles affect a lot of people, some mildly while some extremely. These problems can either come from genetics or things like injuries and bad dental health.

When it comes to the fundamental aspects of a smile, prosthodontists are the best. They deliver the best treatments for issues like teeth cracks, chips, and gaps. Even extremely deformed jaws and smiles can be brought to their best versions when treated by a prosthodontist.

Teeth Replacement

Teeth loss is a very common dental problem. And prosthodontists are the ones who specialize in fixing this problem.

They commonly do it through the installation of artificial structures called dentures and bridges. Dentures are removable prostheses that can replace several or all of your teeth. On the other hand, a bridge is only meant to replace a single tooth.

Sometimes, bridges and dentures are not the best options. Either they are inadequate to fit within a person’s mouth dimensions, or the person’s mouth does not have the proper natural roots to accommodate them. In these cases, dental implants are the best option.

Dental implants are permanent and durable. They are made to function and look like natural teeth and are affixed strongly in the spaces where natural teeth used to be. Our prosthodontists are here to examine your mouth, identify the best type of prosthesis for you, and consider your preferences and budget so they can give you the best possible advice for tooth replacement.

Jaw Problems

Jaw problems that prosthodontists solve are typically called TMJ or TMD, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. They can cause locking jaws, headaches, tired jaws, and mouth pain that are usually felt when a person chews or yawns. Some cases are mild enough to ignore, while others are too severe that they need immediate medical attention, or else they endanger the health and life of the person. Rest assured that Smart Dental’s Kenilworth prosthodontics package is enough to solve any jaw problem that you may have, regardless of its complexity.

An important impact of jaw problems includes sleeping issues, typically in the form of sleep apnea. This condition can be a massive hassle to daily life as they cause frequent daytime tiredness and insomnia. Obstructive sleep apnea is a little worse, as it can hinder a person from breathing properly during sleep.

A prosthodontist can diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea by making adjustments to the jaw bone. Just tell us your situation, and we’ll check how we can properly fix this dental situation.

Traumatic Facial Injury Repairs

These cases involve injuries that cause severe deformation to the face, teeth, and mouth features of a person, demanding much more than bandaging and stitches. Prosthodontists specialize in these kinds of surgeries, making sure that the best functional and cosmetic restoration is achieved.

Complete High-Quality Dentistry Services

Smile Repair with Kenilworth Prosthodontics smartdental logo 300x194Being one of the leading dental clinics in the locality, Smart Dental can provide a comprehensive set of dental services. We have experts in prosthodontic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and even more modern dentistry services. We also provide emergency dental treatment for whenever your kid sustains a tooth injury or any teeth situation you have that needs urgent medical attention.

We would love to prove to you how we can provide everything your family needs in the dentistry field. Even the first tooth extraction of your child will be treated with strict professional quality and excellence. Our level of work ethic and quality of service extends to the most complex dental procedures, such as laser-based treatments and full-mouth restoration projects. We guarantee that we will deliver the best that the dental industry has to offer.

Are you looking for a dependable Kenilworth prosthodontics package? Look no further than Smart Dental. We can provide you with any dental service that you need with dedication and excellence. We can’t wait to be your main provider of dental services!

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